RIVERHOMES Central London
RIVERHOMES Central London
1-3 Lower Richmond Road , Putney, London, SW15 1EJ, UK
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2009 Hershine 50 power boat, E1W 2009 15.5m £200,000UK
Fairline Turbo 36 for sale in E1W 12.2m £75,000UK
Spacious home in the centre of London, E1W 31.43m £1,200,000UK
Historic barge, in full cruising order for sale in E1W 1906 28.5m £680,000UK
charming narrow boat is offered on a residential mooring, W9 13m £115,000UK
Narrow boat in a great location, Lisson Grove, Marylebone, NW8 1999 55' £99,000UK
Brand new houseboats to buy, EN9 2019 18.2m £225,000UK
1930s steel barge, St Katharine Docks, Wapping, E1W 100' £3,000,000UK
Motor yacht for sale, E1W 1990 12.8m £125,000UK
1 bedroom widebeam, Limehouse Basin Marina, E14 2014 65' £190,000UK
Lovely narrowboat in Little Venice, W2 14m £160,000UK
Charming Dutch barge in Limehouse, E14 28m £225,000UK
One bedroom houseboat, St Katharine Docks, Wapping, E1W 1922 52' £90,000UK
Comfortable and spacious Trader 41+2 for sale, SW6 1987 12.69m £120,000UK
8,000 sq. ft. stunning motor barge for sale, E14 1957 65m £1,800,000UK
Stylish floating home, E1W 2016 18m £250,000UK
Immaculate Naval Pinnace for sale, E1W 1937 15.24m £175,000UK
One bedroom widebeam narrowboat, E14 15m £150,000UK
Stunning widebeam barge, EN9 18m £195,000UK
60 ft. architecturally designed vessel for sale, E14 18.3m £325,000UK
Motor Boat at St Katharine Docks, E1W 12m £125,000UK
Sheffield Keel built in 2017 for sale, E14 2017 20m £200,000UK
Thames Sailing Barge for sale, E1W 1929 27m £400,000UK
Brand new 70 ft. x 12.3 ft. widebeam barge, E1W 21m £340,000UK
Dutch sailing barge for sale, E1W 1903 13.5m £110,000UK
Unique beautifully presented moter yacht, EW1 14m £115,000UK
44 ft. narrow boat situatet in Little Venice, W9 2007 44' £160,000UK
Beautiful steel hulled British barge, E14 2003 20.37m £195,000UK
60 ft. architecturally designed vessel for sale, E14 18.3m £325,000UK
New luxury wide beam for sale, E14 2020 22m £230,000UK
Luxury wide beam boat at Limehouse Waterside & Marina, E14 2020 22m £230,000UK
Beautiful narrow boat in E14 1991 15m £69,000UK
Stunning 94ft x 14ft Classic Luxe Motor, E14 1929 29m £275,000UK

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